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An Online Space for Wellness and Healing through the Power of Restorative Movement

Welcome SC3 warriors. We are excited to get moving with you.
Mouvman is a community/safe space for folks to connect. Profile pictures and a location in your profile are required for membership.
Being part of this space requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but our conversations must also be sensitive and private.
REMEMBER. This is a private community and we reserve the right to remove members and/posts at our discretion.

What's included

Experience the power of restorative movement. Restorative movement is a way to get and stay fit using alignment, reflexes, and our innate wisdom to restore our bodies to optimal wellness.

Get Your Individualized Restorative Program

Practices like yoga, dynamic stretching, bodyweight strengthening, mobility exercises, and more can be developed into an individualized program that will restore proper alignment and healthy movement of the body. This will relieve or eliminate pain, as well as reduce wear and tear on the body.

Find the Support You Need for Success

Find support from a team of wellness practitioners who are committed to working together to provide you with access to tools to support you in taking charge of your health.

Our platform has exercise and technique video clips by certified instructors, our in-person class schedules, as well as workouts live and on-demand.

Accessible and Affordable Access

Our live virtual classes offer the opportunity to work with an instructor personally. The feedback you’ll receive will boost your results.

We are offering an affordable entry level membership. Members will have the opportunity to interact with us and each other in a setting designed to provide support, training, research and ideas.

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Begin your journey today. Talk to one of our practitioners about how we can help you take control of your health and wellness.

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When we find ease in our bodies, it ripples into our emotions, minds and spirits.
Pam Thomas
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